Friday, 5 April 2013

Niall Horan

"I'm so hungry, I could probably eat a bear right now!"
"Don't exaggerate, I bet you can't even finish one pizza." Your friend glances at you with a sarcastic look in her eyes, pinches your arm and you sigh deeply.
"I don't understand how you never get my jokes..." You speak and your friend bursts out laughing.
"It's because they aren't jokes!" Annoyed, you turn your face away from her. You’ve been shopping with your best friend, but this time it hasn’t worked out that well. Your solution to every disappointing shop date mostly contains eating somewhere in a nice restaurant. It kind of helps to cheer you up.
You bite your lip, closely watching the road, and a cute building gets in sight. You immediately forget the little argument you’ve just had with your friend and hear your stomach making noises as you indicate the building with your thumb.
"What about that place? It seems like they serve really good pizzas over there?" You say with a frown and your friend nods, hooking her arm around yours.
"Alright, whatever you want, it’s your party, but I still think you're not able to finish one whole pizza."

“I’m serious, it has been half an hour, or even more!” Your friend starts to get a little bit irritated and keeps turning her head around at the bar, where lots of employees are busily walking back and forth.
“Don’t get too upset, they’re just busy”, you whisper, but you start to get a little bit worried now as well.
“Wait here, I will walk over to the bar to ask why the waiters are running so late.” You get out of your seat and carefully shove it away under the table. “Be right back.” Your friend looks at you thankfully when you walk away from her. The atmosphere in the restaurant is really cosy: it smells like some sweet scent of flowers mixed with a godly odour of pizza.
You sit down on a stool in front of the bar and try to reach one of the employees.
“Excuse me?” You speak and a boy with a darkish skin behind the bar turns around. “My friend and me”, you say and you gesture at the table at the front windows, “we have been waiting for around twenty minutes and we were wondering if we could order.” The boy, he must be around twenty-five, looks at you with a surprised expression on his face and his dark eyes quickly glance at the table you have pointed at.
“I am so sorry, young lady”, he says. “Have you already chosen?” You quickly tell him your order and he makes sure it will get there in no time, adding a few more apologies to that. You just want to get back to your table, when you hear someone speaking next to you with an Irish accent. Your heart skips a beat when you realize how well you know that voice.
“Niall!” You exclaim. “Didn’t expect you to be here!” Niall turns his head around and smiles at you with twinkling eyes.
“Well hello [Your Name]! Why not?” He asks, raising one eyebrow. You just shrug and turn a bit red behind your ears.
“Hmm, well, I…” You can’t even think of a good reason and when Niall notices, he laughs.
“Don’t you know the pizzas here are like heaven?” He says.
“I haven’t gotten the chance yet to try them”, you say, feeling a little bit awkward.
“It’s true!” Niall says and he receives some little paper from a woman behind the checkout. “You should try the one with mozzarella and pepper, it’s delicious.” You smirk a little, because that’s the one you’ve just ordered.
“Are you here on your own?” You ask and you walk back to your table with Niall, no idea what he has just done at the checkout.
“Yeah”, Niall speaks and he runs his fingers through his blonde hair, looking a little distracted. “Liam has gotten me this coupon, but I couldn’t see how much money it was worth. Silly, silly.” He grins while his sparkling braces are visible and shows you a green coupon. His blue eyes meet yours and you feel your cheeks get a bit warmer. Your thoughts are a complete mess, but it’s now or never.
“Would you mind sitting with us for a while?” You slowly breathe out after you’ve asked him. Niall shows you a crooked smile and shrugs.
“Sure, why not, I don’t have anything to do anyway.” He goes after you through the restaurant and you arrive at your table.
“Hey, Niall!” Your friend looks surprised and quickly glances from you to Niall and back, you turn even redder than before. A mischievous smile appears around your friend’s lips and she winks at you, unnoticed by Niall. She’s kind of the only one who knows you’ve been crushing on Niall since a few years already. “Why don’t you sit down?” She says and Niall doesn’t realize how nervous it makes you. You sit down in front of your friend and Niall takes a chair next to you. He leans on the table with his elbows and feels extremely close, getting on your nerves.
“I’ve ordered our pizzas and something to drink”, you say uncomfortably. Your friend clearly enjoys the moment and kicks you under the table with her food. “What?” You shout and immediately shut your mouth. “I-… I mean, don’t you want anything, Niall?” You ask him and he shakes his head.
“I’ve already eaten. Probably later.”
“Niall Horan, not hungry? Miracles do exist!” Your friend says. For some reason you feel the urge to strangle her right now, the way she’s sitting there in front of you with a complacent grin on her face. Niall just laughs and stands up.
“Now will you excuse me, I have to go to the toilet.” He smiles at each of you. As Niall disappears behind the big oaken door, your friend’s eyes pierce into yours and she smiles cheekily.
“This is your chance”, she says. A shiver goes down your spine, caused by the sentence she’s just spoken out.
“W-what do you mean?” You say with a stuttering voice and your friend chuckles.
“Don’t you understand?” She says. “The corridor over there is so narrow, if you’re heading off for the toilets right now you’ll be passing him for sure.” You frown and bite your lip, not sure what she’s indicating.
“And…?” You say uncomprehendingly.
“Dear lord, [Your Name]! I noticed the way he was looking at you, really. No one but him is at the toilets right now and you’ll get to spend some time alone behind that big brown door.” She just laughs at the expression that adorns your face right now.
“Hmm, okay, but just because I trust you.” You wish your cheeks weren’t that red and your head wouldn’t pound so much right now, but you stand up once again and walk over to the toilets with your heart beating loudly in your throat. Your hand trembles when you touch the doorknob and carefully open the door. You take a deep breath and close the door behind you, causing a loud smack to echo through the corridor. It’s really narrow indeed, if you want to pass each other around here, you will most probably have to be pressed against the wall. Soft lights are attached to the ceiling and you walk further, until you hear another door creaking and you’re nailed to the ground. The first things you see are a white tank top, black jeans and a pair of dark red Supras. When you look up, Niall’s blue eyes meet yours again and you don’t know what to do, feeling a bit caught.
“You’re going to have a hard time getting over here, I almost got squeezed in between of these walls”, Niall speaks, his eyes laugh, but he doesn’t move. Neither do you. You just stare at him from a distance as he speaks and his melodious voice sounds through the corridor. Niall slaps his belly and grins widely: “I should work out some more”, he jokes. A weak smile appears around your lips and don’t even dare to talk when you slowly start to walk over to him. He steps forward, just one step, but keeps watching you.
“Niall”, you start in a whim, when you’re about one meter away from him. You open your mouth again as Niall comes a bit closer and a soft breath escapes from your lips, taking away your ability to speak.
“Don’t say anything”, Niall whispers, his blue eyes don’t remove from yours for a second. You obey and keep silent, when his fingertips touch your cheek and softly shove under your chin to lift it up. He closes his eyes and his lips press onto yours, no longer than two seconds. You look at him breathlessly and your lips feel like they’re on fire, when Niall’s blue eyes start to twinkle and the corner of his mouth curls up. “Do you know…” He starts and his right hand searches for your left as your heart starts to scream. “I knew?”
“What did you know?” You ask, looking up at his gorgeous face.
“I knew you liked me. I’ve known it all along”, Niall says and he chuckles, stroking your cheek with the back of his fingers.
“You did?” You say and you can’t help it but feel embarrassed again.
“I did. But you didn’t realize…” Niall says and it’s like his Irish accent is exaggerated just for you. “How much I liked you too.”
He kisses you again and his lips feel like the touch of an angel. Without saying anything, he lets you go and grabs your hand. You almost get squeezed in between of the walls, like you’ve both expected, and you burst out into laughter. Your laughs sound in harmony, like they’re meant to sound together, and only together.
“You didn’t have to use the toilet, did you?” Niall daringly whispers in your ear, after it turns silent again and you chuckle.
“You got that right.”
Somehow you manage to get out of the corridor and walk over to your friend, who has a big smile on her face.
‘I knew it!’ her eyes tell you when you sit down again, Niall touches your arm.
“Why did it take you two so long? The pizzas already arrived and are turning cold!” She says acting irritated, but in her eyes you read her excitement. With a joyous smile you grab your plate and feel Niall tapping your shoulder.
“Hey, if you’re not hungry anymore, I’m willing to help you with your pizza?”

After having your delicious meal, you pay at the checkout and talk a little at your table. Unfortunately, at some point, Niall needs to leave.
“Hey girls, I’ve had lots of fun, but I have to go now”, he finally says, especially paying attention at you. His soft lips leave a little kiss on your cheek this time and he squeezes your hand. “I will call you.”
You grin and wave at Niall, who leaves the restaurant with a big smile on his face and a quick wink. Afterwards you face your friend again and close your eyes, leaning back in your chair:
“You were totally right. I couldn’t finish a pizza myself.”

Harry Styles

‘Oh, believe me, it’s going to be a great night. I promise it won’t happen again.’
Those words keep echoing in your mind. Your sight is a little bit faint and the loud bass pounds in your head as you close your eyes and turn away from your friend. You stand still in the moving crowd, with your arms loosely down along your body, opening your eyes again. So many unfamiliar faces, yet so few different facial expressions. It’s rather confusing.
This night you’ve spotted three types of people already: the tipsy kind that thinks everything’s funny, the drunk type that can’t stand on their own feet any longer and the good kind that’s just out here for a sociable night. That’s what you were supposed to have: a sociable night, with one of your best friends. It turns out to be the complete opposite. With your right hand you wipe away a lock of hair from your eyes and glance over your shoulder. You take a very deep breath and almost march away from your friend and the guy she’s with at the moment. You’re not even sure, but it might be her fourth already. Trying to keep the tears in, you bite your lower lip and walk through the dancing crowd on your own, looking around for someone you may know. Eventually you plump down on a stool at the bar, feeling completely lost and over all very lonely. You feel embarrassed to realize what people might think of you right now: a girl, sitting alone at the bar, with her face most probably covered with red blotches from being upset. You rest your elbow on the bar and lay your chin in your hand palm. You should have known this wouldn’t turn out: it’s definitely not the first time it happens!
An alarming presentiment appears in your stomach when you hear someone sitting down next to you and them quickly but roughly touching your arm, which causes you to get goose bumps. You hastily pull away your arm and the person who has touched you speaks:
“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to smack you like that!” You look up with a frown, looking right into a pair of twinkling, green eyes. You try to keep your mouth shut but paired with that thought your jaw drops.
“Harry! But-… I thought…” You shake your head and he opens his arms with a big smile on his face to hug you.
“I’m so glad to meet you here!” He exclaims and he lets you go again.
“I need some explanation”, you mumble confusedly. “I thought you moved to LA! Or am I completely wrong?” The sadness you’ve just felt has disappeared, caused by Mister ‘Sunshine’ Styles himself.
“You’re not”, Harry says, while grabbing a beer from the bar, which the man behind it just put down for him. He pulls a questionable face and a dimple appears in his left cheek, while his eyes stray down to yours again. “Actually, I’ve lived there for a couple of months. But, to be honest, I couldn’t stand it out there. I missed London too much.” He smiles shyly at his hands and looks up at you again. “So, tell me, [Your Name], how have you been? Haven’t spoken to you in a while!” You start to laugh at him and quickly tell the bar man you want to have a coke, as you turn your face to Harry’s again. His curls are a little bit shorter than they were the last time you’ve seen him, but his green eyes still carry the mischievous twinkles you’ve always adored so much and never failed to cheer you up.
“A while?” You say. “Must have been over two months!” Harry puts down his beer and pulls an innocent, apologizing face:
“I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy! I should have texted you at least. I’m such a horrible friend.” You pinch his shoulder and nod without saying anything. Harry’s apologizing frown disappears and he watches you with his eyebrows raised. “Anyway, I haven’t received an answer from you yet. Are you okay? You seemed upset when I sat down.” You look down at your hands and fiddle a bit with your fingers, awkwardly biting your lip again.
“Yes…” You murmur. Harry lays his hand on your knee and you blush when he looks you in the eyes.
“Listen”, he speaks. “Whatever the problem is, you can always tell me, [Your Name].” He watches you insinuatingly and you look away, resting your arm on the bar.
“I don’t know about you, but I didn’t come here alone”, you say and you sip on your coke. Harry nods and listens carefully. “I came here with one of my friends…” You hesitate and keep silent for a few seconds. “The problem is: I don’t think she even realizes.” You goggle and Harry uncomprehendingly shakes his head, his curls move along.
“Why do you think that?” He asks sweetly. You sigh deeply:
“Because she’s like making out with every guy she meets, while I’m standing next to her. She makes me feel like I don’t even exist. Like she uses me to be able to go out”, you say with an angry overtone in your voice. You feel the tears appearing behind your eyes.
“I’ve told her how I felt about it earlier and she promised it wouldn’t happen again, but now…” You can’t control yourself anymore and let everything out:
“She’s just unchangeable! It’s like she doesn’t even care about me!” Harry carefully puts his arms around you and holds you close to his body. You rest your head on his chest as he rubs your back.
“I understand”, he whispers and he puts a little kiss on your cheek. It comes quite unexpected and you jump up surprised. “I can drive you home if you’d like me to?” You look up at Harry’s beautiful face, lighted by the multiple coloured spotlights, and he smiles lightly, wiping away the tears from your cheeks as you once blink with your moist eyes.
“Thank you, Harry”, you whisper calmly. Your heartbeat turns back into normal again and suddenly you don’t care about the people around you any longer. “I’m sorry I shouted at you and I’m so sorry I-…” Harry puts one finger on your lips and smiles cheekily.
“Don’t speak. I’m fine. That’s what friends are for, right?”

After a short conversation with Harry and a curt, clear text message to your friend, you both have gone to his car so he could drive you home. During the trip you haven’t really said anything, but it felt great being there, almost like the old times when Harry used to go to the same school as you did. At some point, Harry laid his hand on your lap, smiling from beneath the steering wheel with a protecting grin. You closed your eyes and smiled back at him.

“Here we are!” Harry’s enthusiastic voice sounds and you chuckle when you open your eyes again and notice you’re entering your street.
“Thanks for taking me home, Harold”, you teasingly use his nickname.
“No problem”, Harry says and he stops the car, opening the door and running around so he can let you out at last. He helps you out of the car and takes your hand, locking the car doors with a soft beep, as you walk over the pavement together.
“You know”, you speak, while your house is getting into sight. “I feel a little bit bad I left her there.” Harry abruptly stops walking and watches you surprised.
“Really?” He says with his eyes wide open and you laugh at his ridiculous facial expression.
“I almost feel sorry for her she has to stay with that random dude, while I’m here with you”, you say. It remains silent and you hardly regret speaking out that thought, until you finally arrive at the porch of your house.
“So”, Harry’s voice sounds. “I think we should say goodbye here.” It’s such a magical scene: the lanterns only give you a soft light and Harry’s voice is just too melodious and beautiful to be true. Harry’s eyes are focused on yours and you don’t speak, but lean a little bit into him. He lifts up your chin with his fingers, smiles and softly presses his lips onto yours. You take his face in both your hands as you kiss him gently. Harry rests his left hand on your back and the fingers of his right hand run through your hair affectionately. He softly pulls you closer and you feel his loud heartbeat through his shirt when his tongue slowly slips into your mouth. A last sweet tasting peck on the lips finishes your passionate moment and Harry takes you in his arms again. You close your eyes and hear him whispering in your ear:
“I think I should tell you a secret…. It wasn’t just London that I missed so much.”

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Zayn Malik

“That was absolutely amazing!” With a wide smile on his face, your boyfriend sits down on the soft bright red carpet in front of a large black couch, resting his head on the edge. “I’m so tired I could be collapsing right now, though…” Zayn closes his eyes and wipes away some drops of sweat off his neck with a towel he has just grabbed.
“You were phenomenal, babe!” You plump down next to him on the ground and grab his hand, making him smile with his eyes still closed.
“Thank you”, Zayn says and he looks at you. It seems like he can use some sleep indeed, but it looks cute on him. It remains silent as he strokes your hand palm with his thumb, smiling at you as he pulls you closer and kisses your lips, just quickly. “I’m really happy you came to watch us tonight. Thank you”, he speaks and you kiss his cheek as you stand up.
“You’re very welcome.” You walk over to the fridge and turn your head around the corner. “Hey, want anything to drink?” Zayn nods a bit dreamily and mumbles:
“Yeah, sure, just some water, please.” All of a sudden a noise sounds from the corridor and two other boys plunge into the room.
“Best one yet! Ah, can I go back to the start of that gig and do it all over again, please?” Louis shouts out and he jumps onto the black couch Zayn has been resting his head on. “Are you tired, Malik?” Louis grins and slaps his best friend’s cheek. Zayn frowns and stands up with difficulty. He doesn’t answer and grabs the bottle you’ve just filled for him with water. Liam, who has also walked into the room with Louis, is a bit more silent and less hyper than Louis currently is. His eyes light up when he sees you with Zayn.
“Hey, [Your Name]! Great to see you here! Enjoyed the show?” He walks up to you and hugs you with a smile.
“Oh yes, I really did!” You exclaim. “I actually had loads of fun out there, you did a great job!”
“Thank you”, Liam says and Zayn looks around when Niall and Harry also enter the room. You greet them as well and Zayn gestures at the door, taking your arm.
“Shall we go somewhere else for a while?” He says, indicating to the other boys, who are all being very loud. You agree with him and leave the room with Zayn, yet able to hear Harry whistling at you both. You shake your head and place your hand around Zayn’s arm when you walk through the dark corridor of the concert hall.
“What place are you taking me to?” You ask curiously. Zayn shows you a crooked smile and he pinches your skin.
“The main stage”, he says and you stop walking.
“The stage? But are we even allowed to…?” Zayn grins mischievously and literally drags you with him to the next door.
“No. Do you care?” Zayn and you chuckle and you foolishly run together until you arrive at the large steel stage doors. You put down the heavy handle and push against the door. You go first and walk around the large cloths and curtains that reach up high to go to the main stage. Your heart is actually starting to beat louder, just like you’re going to have a performance yourself, when you step onto the stage.
“So this is what it feels like…” You whisper as you walk further over the black stage. The hall is completely empty and all that’s left are the dark red seats all around you. Soft spotlights are still on, but the whole thing looks a little bit mysterious caused by its emptiness. You hear Zayn approaching behind you and laying an arm around your waist.
“Unreal, isn’t it?” He whispers in your ear and you look over the upper rings.
“Overwhelming”, you say with admiration in your voice. “I only just realize how huge this concert hall actually is! Wow…” Zayn chuckles softly and you feel his breath tickling your neck, you smell a strong scent of mint. Suddenly he lets you go and you shiver when his body warmth leaves you.
“Wait, you should check this out!” He says, his brown eyes twinkle and he runs over to the very front of the stage, looking into the illusion of a dark crowd, which isn’t obviously there. He softly starts to sing They Don’t Know About Us and it actually echoes through the whole place, making it sound louder and more intense. Zayn doesn’t stop singing and you walk up to him, having goose bumps on your arms and back. Your lower lip starts to tremble when your hand glides over his back, up to his neck and shoulder, his voice penetrating in your head. Zayn finishes the chorus and looks at his left. His long, dark eyelashes are even more visible en profile.
“Amazing echo, right?” He says softly, with a deep voice, staring you into the eyes.
“Stunning…” You whisper. Without knowing he has even moved, he presses his lips onto yours, starting a passionate kiss. He gently places his hands behind your head and between your shoulder blades, kissing you with all the intense feelings he currently has. His fingers slowly go through your hair and caress your cheekbone. You take a little break to gasp for air, watching Zayn’s eyes and laying your head on his chest.
“I love you, Zayn”, you mutter against the fabric of his shirt. He wraps his arms around you and holds you tight, leaving a sweet kiss on your forehead.
“I love you too, [Your Name]. If only I could express how much I care about you. It’s not to be said with just words”, he says.
All of a sudden a loud sound disturbs you, coming from down the stage, somewhere in a corner of the room, where one of the entrances is located. The door opens and a bunch of girls carefully walks into the concert hall. You’re both too surprised to move and stay there in the middle front of the stage, embracing.
“Excuse me?” A girl’s voice sounds and Zayn confusedly lets go of you to walk over the stage into the direction the girls are standing. You just follow him and try to count the amount of people of the group, which is hard caused by the dark.
“What are they doing here?” You hear Zayn mumbling as he reaches another edge of the stage.
“Um, I’m sorry, but we heard you singing and thought we could come up here to, um…like…meet you.” The girl shyly stutters.
“It was beautiful by the way!” Another girl assures him.
“Thank you”, Zayn says awkwardly and a little embarrassed. You’re not sure whether to come and stand next to him or just stay back here on the stage. He glances over his shoulder and gestures you should come over to him as well. The girls keep completely silent and watch at you as you bite your lip.
“Hi”, you say a bit insecure. You count five girls, so not as many as it seemed in the first place.
“You are so gorgeous, [Your Name]”, a girl with a cute face dares to break the silence. You don’t know how to react and feel a bit twitchy, but thank the girl, whose name is Katy, anyway. Zayn starts to feel more comfortable and utters:
“I agree with you!” He smiles at you cheekily and one of the girls starts to ‘aww’.
“That’s so cute! You’re such a beautiful couple together!” A blonde girl says.
“Aw, you’re sweet, thank you”, you tell them thankfully.
“Listen, girls, we’d love to stay here and talk to you, but we should go back to the dressing rooms, I think”, Zayn says abruptly. “We’re not even allowed to be here.” The girls start to giggle and a girl called Sara asks:
“Could we take a picture with you?” Zayn watches you like he asks for permission and you just shrug.
“That should be fine, I guess!” As Zayn jumps off the stage and takes some pictures, one of the girls looks up at you from beneath there and asks with red cheeks:
“Would you like to take a picture with me, too?” You frown for a second, but don’t hesitate and go off the stage as well.
“With me?” You speak to her, being very surprised.
“Yes”, the girl says and admits: “You know, you inspire me so much. Although you receive such bad messages online you still manage to stay strong, I really admire that. You’re a beautiful person.” The girl’s blue eyes twinkle and you just see she means what she has just said.
“Thank you”, you whisper and you swallow once to keep yourself from crying.

After you’ve taken a few pictures you and Zayn finally go backstage again. Eventually there, you hug him tightly.
“Those girls were so sweet”, you tell him and Zayn nods, tightening his grip on your waist. “The things they said to me were so nice.” Your lower lip trembles again, you smile softly and Zayn kisses a spot behind your ear.
“You deserve every nice word they have said to you”, Zayn says. He takes your head in his hands and places a soft kiss on your forehead and his melodious voice sounds through the room. “You deserve the whole world.”

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Niall Horan

Numb. Stiff. Motionless.
You open your mouth and let out a soft breath, but no words come out. Not even a sound. You’ve given up on crying a few minutes ago already, because you just feel empty. Empty and numb. You’re out of tears, but your cheeks still feel wet and clammy when you touch them with your fingers. Your eyes are a bit swollen and you don’t want to open them again.
A few simple words are all he has to say, nothing more. You know he can’t. It’s not that easy, as it might seem to you. You run your hands through your hair and finally rest them on the large couch you’re currently sitting on. A door opens behind you, but you don’t turn around. You won’t. You can’t.
“Leave me alone”, you whisper with a broken voice, staring at the windows. It’s cold and grey outside, which makes it all sad-looking. Raindrops cover the window glass and perfectly match your mood and feelings at the moment. The person who has just entered the room doesn’t say anything, but closes the door behind them. Their footsteps on the wooden floor sound insecure, yet determined and firm. Although the person hasn’t spoken out anything, you definitely know who it is.
“Go away, Niall”, you say with a hiss, but you know this doesn’t sound convincing at all. “You’ve done enough already, leave me alone.” You bite your lip, but don’t cry. Although it’s hard to say and keep yourself from bursting into tears again, you do realize this might be the best thing to say.
“[Your Name].” The way Niall speaks out your name hurts like twenty thousands of knives stabbed into your heart all at once. You immediately stand up and turn around, facing him and pointing at him with your right forefinger, finally turning it to the doorway.
“Get out of this room, now!” You shout, feeling more heartbroken with every second you keep looking into his beautiful angelic eyes. “Do you know how much it hurts if you keep coming back like this? I don’t want your excuses, Niall. You should have thought about it earlier before you…” Niall steps forward, grabbing your wrist, but you wildly shake it away, going on screaming: “Listen. Now leave and don’t you dare to come back here again!” The tears stream down your face as you turn around again with the most awful pain you’ve ever had in your heart. A teardrop falls down your eyelashes when you close your eyes and hear Niall leaving behind you.
If your mind told you this was the best thing to do after what he has done to you, why does it hurt so incredibly much?

“Splattered teardrops on my shirt.”
“And all the lights that light the way are blinding.”
“I can go where life leads me.”
“You can take your time, take my time.”
“You’re just a daydream away.”
“If I don’t say this now, I will surely break, as I’m leaving the one I want to take…”
“Guess there are times when we all need to share a little pain.”

You’ve been receiving these text messages for weeks now. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, another song lyric appears in your inbox. It’s almost like a silent compromise: Niall text a meaningful lyric and you don’t respond. You never have. You’re not even sure whether Niall actually knows you read them or not, but it doesn’t keep him from sending any.
Today it’s Saturday and you’ve been walking around the house like a girl gone mad, simply because you haven’t received a text from Niall at all yesterday. It’s a stupid thing to think about: even after this huge fight, there still is a part in you, which wants to forgive him. It’s mad men’s business: probably Niall finally realizes you aren’t actually thinking about these text messages at all and delete them straight away when you receive them.
Who are you even kidding? The complete opposite is happening. Every time you have a break or some spare time, you read through the old texts. It’s always a song lyric that applies to the current situation you’re in, but never from the same son. There’s not even a clue what Niall wants to achieve with it, but you still wait and get worried whenever a text arrives later than it normally does.
You’ve just received one message.
With trembling fingers you touch the screen of your phone and open the message: it doesn’t contain song lyrics this time, it’s a proper text.
Your breath fails when you read the letters, appearing in front of your eyes:
“Don’t forget the Madison Square Garden ticket.”
You slowly shake your head and glance at the cupboard, where the Madison Square Garden front row ticket is safely hidden. You stand up slowly and grab the ticket from the cupboard. Although something in the back of your head starts to shout, you bite your lip. Niall does still want you to go and watch him on his dream night.

With your heart beating loudly in your throat, you try to swallow and focus on the dark stage in front of you. As soon as you sit down on your seat, you already wish you wouldn’t have appeared. It’s an extremely difficult thing to sit here and keep calm when your not-sure-if-still boyfriend will be performing in a few minutes. It’s his night, you realize, but you also know Niall hasn’t sent that last text without a reason. You haven’t seen him in ages and you’re quite sure something is going to happen tonight. You’re not sure what exactly, but it’ll be something special, you just feel it.
After a few more minutes that have gotten you on your nerves, the show starts. You close your eyes and take a deep breath when Niall’s voice sounds through the speakers. You ignore the screaming girls and hear Niall singing. Why, especially this song! You bite your lip and listen:
“You’re so pretty when you cry, when you cry, wasn’t ready to hear you say goodbye…” Niall turns around on stage, his feet pointing in your direction and you just know he sees you when his blue eyes meet yours and he sings the line, meant for only you:
“You’re tearing me apart…” Niall walks away again like nothing has ever happened and you remain silent and numb for the next couple of seconds.
A few more minutes pass and it’s time for Niall to do his speech towards the audience and the fans. Apart from his usual words, there’s something different about the way he speaks.
“There’s also someone in the crowd tonight, I’d like to apologize to…” You widen your eyes and your cheeks turn red. Niall’s eyes stray to yours, there on the front row, and suddenly it feels like it’s only you and him existing in the world.
“[Your Name]”, he softly speaks and that one word sounds so touching, you almost feel the urge to cry. “I’m sorry that I hurt you, because I know I did and I feel horrible about it. I’ve made many mistakes, but I want you to know how much I care about you and that I truly love you.” He walks towards you on the stage and it’s magically silent in the concert hall. It’s like everyone’s keeping their breath, when Niall stretches out his arm and takes your hand, softly whispering into the microphone with sparkling, moist eyes:
“Please, forgive me?”

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Louis Tomlinson

“You better turn around quickly, I don’t want you to fall over!” With a vague sight, like mist looming in front of your eyes, you see your best friend grabbing your wrist.
People that are calmly shopping should use this street. Mothers and their babies in prams, ready to go home. Or probably even stressful businessman and –women. But definitely not hyper fangirls.
This is absolutely one of the craziest things you’ve ever experienced. You’ve just gone to London with your best friend to have fun, to have dinner somewhere, go out for the night and visit a club. None of you would have ever thought about discovering a bunch of fangirls, screaming loudly in front of your favourite nightspot. The street is undoubtedly filled to overflowing.
“Wait, we could go that wa-… Some girl almost punches you in the face with her elbow and you recoil, so your friend’s grip around your wrist loosens.
“Turn around!” Your friend panicky shouts. A second girl’s elbow is on its way to hit you in the eyes and you try to avoid it. This time it doesn’t work out that nicely for you though.
“Autch! Seriously, what the…” For a second you grab your nose, which almost feels like it’s bleeding, with both your hands. It doesn’t take long before you realize you’ve lost your friend in the crowd. How will you even be able to find her in this misery? A stab in your tummy causes you to drop your handbag. You quickly try to grab it from the ground and try to find a way through the large amount of girls. It isn’t kind of an achievement though, because you only walk three steps forward and stumble already. With your hands you try to protect your head. You cringe as certain feet of unsuspecting people come down on your back and utter something totally not understandable. An infernal pain goes through your ankle and you’re not able to move. All of a sudden, your sight darkens and eventually you can’t see anything no more.

“I wish she would wake up again!” A well-known voice sounds, almost begging. For a moment you’re confused. Who needs to wake up? You try to open your eyes, but nothing happens, your eyelids feel extremely heavy, it’s like they’re sewn together. Just now you notice you’re lying on a soft surface. It feels like a bed. And that might be it.
“I think she’s awake.” Another voice sounds relieved. It happens to work to open your eyes right now, just a little, so you’re able to see through your eyelashes. The sudden bright light kind of hurts and makes you feel like you’re having one of these bad headaches. The only things you discover are a large, strange thing around your leg and a white blanket covering your body. Oh, and the two black silhouettes at the front of your bed should be people.
“Hello, can you hear me?” The worried voice you’ve heard earlier speaks. A black silhouette leans over your bed. An itchy feeling shows up in your nostrils and you sneeze, most probably into the person’s face.
“Oh dear, she’s awake!” A woman’s voice laughs. Only now you notice the heavy pains in your leg, with the plaster around it. It feels like ten thousands of sharp knives are stabbed into your ankle.
Involuntary you get up, but it hurts too much to stay that way and you fall back onto the cushions. While doing that, your eyes immediately open widely.
Your heart skips a beat as you notice the guy waiting here next to your sickbed. You actually could have never dreamt about meeting this lad, not to mention the way in which you meet him right now. How did you end up in this bed anyway?
Louis Tomlinson.
The voice in your head keeps repeating is name. A pair of blue eyes watches you, almost anxiously and Louis smiles a little bit. You want to say something, but there’s not a single word that finds its way to the exit that’s your mouth. Louis leans over you again and you turn red, realizing you’ve just sneezed into his face.
“You don’t have to say anything, just rest for a while.” He gestures at another pillow, but you refuse his offer. How can you even lie down uncomfortably with such a sight in front of you?
“Just leave her alone now, young man. She needs her rest.” You turn your head around and have a look at the strict-looking nurse, sitting next to Louis. Louis shrugs and stands up, looking at you apologetically. Just as he almost reaches the door, you pronounce a soft ‘no’. The nurse watches you severely from beneath her glasses, mumbles something like ‘fine with me’ and leaves the room, closing the door behind her.
You’re alone now with Louis in one room. You can’t help it, but the thought makes your heart beat faster and louder.
“I want to know what happened”, you say laboriously, but determined. Louis sits down onto your bed, the edge of it. My god, he looks breathtakingly handsome today! You force yourself not to stare at him too much and watch your hands as an alternative.
“Well”, Louis starts, fortunately not able to read your thoughts, “I bet you know why the streets were filled with teenage girls this noon?” You grin weakly.
“I think I might understand why now, yes.” Louis smiles and looks at your face, which takes your breath away for a millisecond.
“I saw you passing out in between of a few girls.” You can’t simply look away from his beautiful blue eyes, but listen closely to the story he’s telling. “I actually didn’t hesitate at all, I immediately decided to help you. I picked you up and got you to the left side of the road.” The last sentence is spoken out like it is nothing, but he continues: “Over there I shouted at Paul to call an ambulance, I was freaking out.” He looks at you concerned when he notices your glassy eyes. “Are you alright? I should probably leave, the nurse might be…”
“No, please, stay.” You cough and slowly grab his warm hand. The touch causes a shiver through your veins. A few seconds ago you have just been blown away by the fact Louis has lifted you up. That means he has carried you in his arms. Such a lucky thing that Louis doesn’t let go of your hand.
“What’s your name?” He asks. Oh, yes, your name. Softly, to save what’s left of your voice, you whisper your name. “Beautiful”, Louis says with a mischievous grin. “I’m Louis.”
“No, really?” You say with an acting voice. Louis bursts out laughing and you do the same, although your throat hurts. Suddenly it remains silent and you feel the urge to say something that has popped up into your mind:
“Thank you very much, Louis”, you whisper.
“That’s no problem, babe, everyone would have done the same”, Louis says modestly, his cheeks turn a little bit red. It looks incredibly sexy. Silence reappears and Louis stares into your eyes with a shy look on his face, he bites his lip and tightens his grip around your hand.
Totally unexpected the door opens again and the nurse plunges into the room.
“And now she needs to rest, do you hear me?” She angrily shouts. Louis quickly glances at you with the mischievous twinkles in his eyes that you know so well and winks at you:
“See you in a few minutes, pretty.”

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson

Part 1 ~ Louis & Liam
Why do things never go like they are planned in the first place? This must have been the weirdest day you’ve ever had in your life.
With a loud smack you throw your bag on your bed and sit down onto the soft cushions. Your head’s a complete chaos and even staring at the wallpaper in front of you doesn’t get you calm like it normally does. In your mind you try to clean up the mess and relive the experiences that have happened today.

You and your best friend have attended at the studios because the lads, also known as the world’s biggest boyband One Direction, thought it would be fun for you to watch how they record their songs and all. Little did you know what that decision would have brought to you later…
It had all started with a lovely chat because it had been a long time since you’d seen all your friends together. At some point you really wanted to see something of the building itself. ‘Come on, let me show you around’, Liam had said. He had taken your hand and showed you the immense building on the inside, leaving the guys and your friend behind. After walking through thousands of hallways you’d totally gotten lost of which direction to walk in. Fortunately Liam knew where to go. At least that’s what he’d said to you. You both ended up in one of the little recording studios, where something unexpected happened: Liam kissed you. Totally out of nowhere. After you’d locked lips, you didn’t hesitate and left the room and the building without saying goodbye to any of your friends, leaving Liam in utter confusion at the same time.

You close your eyes and still see the disbelief written on Liam’s face. It might have been a mistake. It might have been an ebullition.
You rest your head against the wall, trying to get more relaxed but it just won’t work.
Suddenly your phone goes off and you get really scared, jumping off your bed to reach for it. It might be your mum, telling you she’s sorry about being home so late. You quickly glance at the screen and discover it’s actually Louis who’s calling.
“Hello!” You say.
“Hiii babe!” Louis’ enthusiastic voice sounds on the other side of the telephone. You grin widely. Hearing Louis’ voice just makes you smile. It’s probably the fact he’s such a happy and funny person: he always makes people laugh.
“Hi, Lou”, you say, “what’s the matter?” You hear Louis sighing and a crackling sound appears.
“Depends…” He simply says and it keeps silent. You raise one eyebrow, because you’re not really used to Louis acting like this.
“What?” You say. You dislike this conversation already. It makes you feel awkward.
“Well”, Louis starts, sounding hesitant again. “There’s nothing wrong with me. I just wanted to ask why you left so early. I was kind of concerned! Have you been fooling around somewhere with Liam or anything? He didn’t want to tell us anything about it.” Louis says it in such a way that it sounds like a joke. Right now it’s your turn to act hesitant:
“I don’t think he wants anyone to know about it”, you say, quite sure about your thinking. If there’s one person who shouldn’t know about this, it will be Louis.
The thing that makes it so extremely difficult to tell is the fact you think Louis might have a crush on you. And not just that.
“Babe?” Louis asks. “Are you still there?” You shake your head and bite your lower lip.
“Yes”, you say with a deep sigh.
“Listen”, Louis starts seriously, “I have to go now, but if anything’s wrong I’m here for you. I could even come over to your house in a few minutes if you would like me to. Just call me if you need me!” Louis finishes with a kissing sound and hangs up. You don’t know whether to smile or cry. It’s all clear that Louis does like you in a special way.
You haven’t even put away your phone, or it starts to beep again. You frown and a scared feeling creeps into your stomach. Is this seriously happening? You bite your lip and stare at your mobile phone: a text has just arrived in your inbox. It’s not your mum. It’s not Louis either. You feel like you’re almost going to cry, reading the text you just got:
‘Dear [Your Name],
I know I’ve been stupid and I’m sorry for that.
I really want to make some things clear.
5PM, your back garden?
You gasp and throw your phone onto your bed. Why? Why these two boys? It’s just not fair! Your lips tremble and you stare outside. The twinkling stars in the sky are almost teasingly grinning at you. As if it isn’t hard enough already.
Deep in your heart you already know which lad you want to answer. It’s just the fact that you don’t want to disappoint either of them that makes it so difficult. You bite your lip and glance at the phone that’s lying on your bed, forcing you to send both these guys a text back. You sigh deeply and grab your phone. Your fingers hang above the little keys and you close your eyes. The words already fly around in your mind and all you have to do is write them down. That’s it.

What are you going to do?
*You call Louis and wait for him to arrive at your front door >
*You go and meet Liam at your back garden >

Louis Tomlinson

Before reading this part, you should have finished this one first:

Part 2 ~ Louis
When the bell of the front door rings you close your eyes for a second and walk over to the hallway. It feels like your heart’s pounding somewhere in between of your lungs and your throat. You take a deep breath and open the front door, staring into Louis’ blue eyes immediately.
“Hi love!” Louis says with a soft smile. He’s wearing a thick jacket, because it’s getting colder outside. When he sees your facial expression his eyebrows form a concerned frown.
“Come on in”, you say and you close the door behind Louis. You try not to act twitchy, but it’s just what happens at the moment. You go through the door that leads to the living room and sit down on the couch with Louis.
“So tell me now, what really happened between you and Liam? Now don’t tell me it was nothing because you’d be lying”, Louis says and he lays one hand on your knee. You don’t wipe it away, but softly speak, with a breaking voice:
“We kissed. Or… He… We… Liam kissed me.” You don’t dare to look Louis in the eyes but stare at your hands. Louis keeps silent as you go on speaking: “The thing is… I’m in love with someone else.” You turn around at Louis and watch his face closely. He doesn’t speak, but his lips are a bit apart from each other.
“You are?” Louis says. His lips form a narrow line and in his eyes you read he’s in pain. “With who?” It stays silent and an uncomfortable feeling appears in your stomach, though you speak out the saving words:
“With you, Louis. I’m in love with you.” Louis doesn’t wait but responds to your statement by gently pressing his lips onto yours. It feels so familiar, like it has never been any other way. The kiss is over very quickly, but for some reason it feels like your lips are on fire just now.
“I can tell you a secret”, Louis says and he takes you in his arms, as you close your eyes. “I feel the same about you.”